Electrofusion Couplers

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Electrofusion coupler is a straightway pipe fitting. Two ends of pipes can be inserted into the sleeve that can be plugged in. Use specialized electrofusion equipment to power on and set temperature and time. When time is up, hot melting of pipes are completed. Turn off the power supply and cool down. With electrofusion sleeves or electrofusion sockets, fused pipes are connected tightly.

Electrofusion couplers are extensively used in water and gas distribution, transport line, distribution lines, house connections and other industrial applications.

Advantages of Electrofusion Sleeve
1. Low Temperature Resistance
Our electrofusion couplers have quite low brittle temperature. They can be used between -40℃ and 40℃. Installation in winter will not make pipeline suffer from embrittlement.
2. Corrosion Resistance
Polyethylene is a kind of inert material that is resistant to various chemical medium erosions. Corrosion protection is not required. Electrofusion sleeves or electrofusion sockets will not rot, rust and corrode.
3. Good Flexibility
The elongation at break of electrofusion couplers is more than 800%. With strong vibration resistance, local vibration will not cause all pipes vibrate.
4. Pressure Resistance
Because HDPE has high crystallinity, its strength and hardness also increase. Electrofusion sleeves can realize tight fusion welding and withstand internal pressure. They are widely used in water supply and gas pressure pipeline.
5. Non-toxic Performance
Electrofusion couplers are hygienic and non-toxic. Bacteria will not breed inside the tube. They will not cause secondary pollution of water quality and completely solve the defect of pipeline polluting water.
6. Flow Capacity
The inner wall of electrofusion sleeve or electrofusion socket is smooth with small friction coefficient, fluid resistance, small head loss and no scaling. It reduces pipeline pressure loss and water conveyance energy consumption, thus our company enjoys obvious economic advantage.

Features of Electrofusion Couplers
1. The active reinforcement used for large couplers compensates for large differences in outer diameter tolerances. The extra large clearance permits easy assembly and accommodates the pipe ovality.
2. Electrofusion sleeves or electrofusion sockets are grouped into various size ranges. Therefore, individual dimension requirements are fully satisfied.
3. Electrofusion coupler has a smooth inside surface with a protected resistance wire.

Technical Parameters of Electrofusion Socket

Size Dn (mm) L (mm) D (mm) PCS/BOX
20 79.8 33.7 250
25 80 39 210
32 80 43 150
40 86 53 108
50 98 68 50
63 109 81 84
75 121 98 50
90 147 118 30
110 155 141 22
125 172 158 14
160 190 199 12
180 209.5 226.8 4
200 205 247 4
250 216 307 4
215 234 384 1
400 295 473 1

Songjiang Smart Joint Company has a professional team in charge of product quality, development and after-service. We select excellent suppliers and carry out strict quality control procedures. Our electrofusion couplers have exported to Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, Malaysia, the United States, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Iran, Israel, Chile and Japan. If you have interest in our electrofusion sleeves or electrofusion sockets, please feel free to contact us.

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