• Electrofusion Fittings
  • Electrofusion FittingsElectric current produces temperature to make electrofusion fittings fuse to be accessories to connect plastic or polyethylene pipes. Electrofusion pipe fittings are special fusion fittings for transporting gas...
  • Butt Fusion Fittings
  • Butt Fusion FittingsButt fusion fittings or hot melt pipe fittings are HDPE pipe fittings that adopting imported high-quality PE100 materials that have high resistance and long service life. They are regarded as ideal materials for the...
  • HDPE Transition Pipe
  • HDPE Transition PipeSmart Joint Company developed HDPE transition pipes in 1997 and gained the national patent. It can be used to transport gas. With thicker metal pipe and high-quality PBE coating, HDPE transition fittings have a life pan...
  • Large Size HDPE Fittings
  • Large Size HDPE FittingsSongjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing HDPE butt fusion fittings, HDPE electrofusion fittings and plastic pipe fusion welding equipment. Based on more than 20 years’ production experience...

HDPE Fittings (High Density Polyethylene Pipe Fittings)

Songjiang Smart Joint Company started to produce HDPE fittings in 2000. Possessing 13 years’ production experience, we are capable of supplying a wide range of polyethylene pipe fittings for customers. They are suitable for use with PE products in water, oil and gas, sewage, irrigation and industrial applications. Currently, our company owns 20 production lines with high automatic production and precise production techniques. We can provide high quality HDPE fittings for most of the gas group companies in China. Our polyethylene pipe fittings mainly cover electrofusion fittings and butt fusion fittings.

Pipe fittings are extensively applicable to chemical, dredging, electrical, gas gathering, geothermal, municipal, land drainage, landfill, mining, water or waste water, telecommunications, sewer, petrochemical industries, etc.

Advantages of HDPE Fittings
1. High density polyethylene pipe fittings enjoy the advantages of different series and wide application scope.
2. We strictly do spectral analysis and stress test, especially for high pressure pipe fittings.
3. HDPE fittings developed by our company win broad market recognitions. Songjiang Smart Joint Company is also identified as “National Plastic Pipe Fittings Supporting Enterprise” by the science and technology development center.
4. Our polyethylene pipe fittings are also highly appraised for their excellent performance, high strength, flexibility, durability, long usage life, low maintenance and many other characteristics.

Subclass Products
Smart Joint Company is able to provide customers with electrofusion fittings, butt fusion fittings, electrofusion transition fittings and large size HDPE fittings.

Producing Process
The production process of high density polyethylene pipe fittings is as follows:
Material Selection—Cutting Material—Manufacture (including pressing, pushing, welding, cold drawing, etc.) —Heat Treatment—Hardness Testing—Shape Processing—Product Inspection (including Spectrum Inspection, Flaw Detection, Ultrasonic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, etc.)

Founded in 1992, Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise engaged in research and development of plastic pipe fusion welding technology and product in China. Now we mainly produce HDPE fittings and fusion welding machines. Since its establishment, it has gained CE Certification, Sanitary License, China Special Equipment Manufacturing License and ISO9001-2000 Quality System Authentication. Our company is able to provide a full range of polyethylene pipe fittings and excellent service for customers. If you are interested in our HDPE fittings, please feel free to contact us.