• 45 Degree Electrofusion Elbows
  • 45 Degree Electrofusion ElbowsElectrofusion 45° elbow is used for connecting all specifications of pipes that are made of same materials. In the piping system, it is also used to change the direction of pipe fittings to resist pressure and corrosion...
  • 90 Degree Electrofusion Elbows
  • 90 Degree Electrofusion ElbowsIn a pipeline system, 90 degree electrofusion elbow or electrofusion 90° elbow is used to change the direction of the pipe fittings. It can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, PVC, steel, etc. In our company...

Electrofusion Elbows

In the piping system, electrofusion elbow is a kind of transition elbow or PE spigot elbow that is used to change the direction of conduit pipe fittings. It can also be used to connect two tubes with different diameters. Songjiang Smart Joint Company mainly supplies 90 degree and 45 degree electrofusion elbows. These electrofusion fittings have strong resistance to high pressure and corrosion. They are also easy to handle.

Electrofusion transition elbow is widely applicable to Gas, water, sewer, geothermal and other industrial applications.

Advantages of Electrofusion Elbows
1. This PE spigot elbow is an essential electrofusion fitting widely used in pipeline network installation. Our company can guarantee its quality, reliability and flexibility.
2. With rich expertise of the design and manufacturing of polyethylene electrofusion fittings, we are able to offer a complete line of electrofusion elbows manufactured from a variety of common virgin resins available in the market.
3. Possessing integrated manufacturing capabilities, we are capable of providing complete control of our manufactured transition elbows. From design to manufacturing and shipping, electrofusion elbow products maintain a high level of product consistency and quality throughout our manufacturing processes.
4. We have a professional team in charge of product quality, development and after-service. Our company selects excellent suppliers and carries out strict quality control procedures.

Types of Electrofusion Transition Elbow
1. 90 Degree Electrofusion Elbows 2. 45 Degree Electrofusion Elbows

Songjiang Smart Joint Company is the first enterprise engaged in research and development of plastic pipe fusion welding technology and products in China. We mainly supply butt fusion machines, electrofusion machines, electrofusion fittings, butt fusion fittings, irrigation fittings, siphon drainage fittings, and so on. Our electrofusion transition elbows have been exported to Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, Malaysia, the United States, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Iran, Israel, Chile Japan, etc.