HDPE Fittings for Water (Municipal Water Systems)

1. Hygienic
HDPE fittings for water will not cause any damage to the human body.
2. Safety
Our polyethylene pipe fittings have enough strength, and excellent mechanical properties, anti-aging and heat-resisting performance.
3. Energy Saving
They have smooth inner wall. Both inside and outside wall are not easy to be corroded. HDPE fittings for water also possess the advantages of good heat preservation performance and small fluid resistance.
4. Convenience
Polyethylene pipe fittings can be bended flexibly, so it is convenient and reliable to connect and install.
5. Long Service Life
HDPE fittings for water possess better intensity, longer service life, better heat-resisting performance and higher reliability. As long as we use them in a correct way, after pressure testing, there will be no leakage loss in the pipe welding place.

Subclass Products
1. Electrofusion Fittings for Water 2. Butt Fusion Fittings for Water 3. Water Flange Adapter

Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer to develop fusion machines and polyethylene pipe fittings in China. Our products include butt fusion welding machine, electrofusion welding machine, electrofusion fittings, butt fusion fittings, fusion welding machine kits, and so on. They can be used in various fields, such as water and gas supplying, dewatering, irrigation, sewage treatment, etc. By the technical advantage, we will design and develop new products constantly. HDPE fittings for water have won widespread praise and recognition by customers both home and abroad. For more detailed information about our polyethylene pipe fittings, please feel free to contact us.